Art Show

Call For Submissions 

Exploring/Exposing LA City Finances: An Art Exhibit hosted by the ‘Mejia for City Controller’ Campaign

Budgets and finances are often dense and difficult to understand and connect with – sometimes this is intentional. Data visualization can be a powerful way to convey complex information in a simple and impactful way.

Mayor Eric Garcetti’s 2021-2022 budget proposed on April 20th claims to be a “justice budget,” and the Mejia for City Controller campaign would like to encourage artists to explore whether this is an accurate assessment of how we spend public resources.

We are excited to invite artists of all backgrounds practicing different mediums to contribute to an exhibition that focuses on sharing new ways of understanding the data and numbers behind the 2021-2022 Mayor’s Budget. This exhibition is intended to open up conversation and engage people around how our city resources are prioritized and distributed.

We will host the exhibit in person and online on May 23rd. Time and venue to be announced. 

Questions and inquiries can be addressed to: