Grassroots-Powered Kenneth Mejia for City Controller Campaign Raises the Most Money From Small Dollar Donations of Any City Campaign

August 3, 2021

LOS ANGELES – Kenneth Mejia for City Controller has raised a total of $85,290 since launching the campaign in December 2020. Since June 30, 2021, Kenneth Mejia’s campaign has outpaced his opponent, Councilmember Paul Koretz, in individual donation numbers, with average donation amount being much lower for Mejia than that for Koretz, demonstrating overwhelming grassroots support for Mejia.

Number of individual donations:

Mejia’s 1,914 individual donations vs. Koretz’s approximately 353 individual donations

Average donation:

Mejia’s $40 average donation amount vs. Koretz’s $780 average donation amount

“I’m proud of the fact that our campaign has the most individual donations of any 2022 City of LA campaign and grateful for the overwhelming support from everyday Angelenos,” says Kenneth Mejia. “Our fundraising achievement shows that voters want a true outsider who is not afraid to hold those in power accountable. Unlike our opponent, we are not beholden to real estate and other special interests.” Mejia’s campaign has analyzed Koretz’s campaign donations from 2007-2020 and found that over 30% of Koretz’s donors have connections to the real estate industry.

The Mejia campaign relies exclusively on small dollar grassroots donations and does not accept donations from executives, decision-making personnel, and PACs/associations in the following industries: Oil & gas, real estate development, Wall Street, aerospace & defense, media & entertainment, pharmaceutical, insurance, and telecommunications. Furthermore, the Mejia campaign does not accept donations from any member of law enforcement.

About Kenneth Mejia

Kenneth Mejia is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and housing justice activist born and raised in LA. To date, Kenneth has been endorsed by progressives and community leaders including California Assemblymember Alex Lee, Dr. Melina Abdullah (Co-founder of Black Lives Matter – LA), and a large number of Neighborhood Council Board Members and California Democratic Party Assembly District Delegates.

Twitter | Instagram | TikTok | Facebook: @kennethmejiaLA