Our Platform & Signed Pledges


Homelessness is a humanitarian crisis in Los Angeles. The City of LA has failed to address homelessness, with more people entering homelessness than exiting into permanent, secure housing. As City Controller, we'll account and audit homelessness funds and programs, propose plans and recommendations on how to functionally end homelessness, push for vacant city properties to be developed into permanent housing, and create maps and tools to connect people with services.


Our campaign is already doing the work by creating a map of Affordable Housing units that you can use to find housing. As Controller, we'll calculate steps needed to build more affordable housing, lower the cost of rent, audit the housing department, calculate effectiveness of proposed regulations, and create a citywide  vacancy unit tracker.


Our plan includes a transition to 100% renewable energy and full decarbonization that ensures good paying, green, union jobs for workers. Los Angeles must also commit to justice for communities impacted by climate change and pollution who are disproportionately working class communities of color.

Public Transit & Safe Streets

Our plan to achieve fare-free public transit, sheltered bus stops, frequent bus and train service and safe crossings, sidewalks, bike lanes and walkable beautiful neighborhoods.

Animal Welfare

Los Angeles Animal Shelters are in a state of crisis. Thanks to volunteers and other whistleblowers who have stepped forward, the animal neglect and mismanagement of Los Angeles Animal Services has become unignorable. As City Controller, and as a proud pet parent, I will help restore LAAS to its primary purpose— serving animals.

Our Values to Hold Power Accountable


Ensure that City Government and its departments are operating effectively and efficiently on the City’s behalf by performing results-driven financial and performance audits. These audits will aim to find out if the City and its departments are using resources effectively and efficiently on behalf of the people of Los Angeles. We also want to ensure that wasteful spending is identified, shared to the public, and is eliminated so that funds can be redirected elsewhere.


Ensure ALL financial data is made available to the public – from the purchase of food for a City event to the purchase of a helicopter for the Los Angeles Police Department. Transparency is key to getting people to trust City government to collect and spend money in the best interests of the people of L.A. Far too often, the public is not aware of how the City collects funds, how much, and how those funds are allocated and spent.


It is crucial that financial data especially relating to budgets, payroll, and accounting of all financial records is made available to the public in a timely manner. The people of L.A. need to have financial information readily available in order to effectively advocate on behalf of their own best interests when they talk to their City Council Members, the Mayor, and other policymakers.


Ensure all City departments’ financial data are recorded and accounted for correctly in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). the people of Los Angeles must be able to trust that our finances are accounted for and presented correctly. In addition, ensure the City government and its departments are held accountable for all decisions they make which have financial impacts.


Ensure that all financial data on the City of Los Angeles is easily accessible and easy to understand so that the people of L.A. can go on our website and access financial information without getting confused or going through hurdles to get the data they need. Far too often, when it comes to financial information of city governments, there are hundreds of thousands of rows of financial data that can be difficult to decipher or understand. Our goal is to eliminate that and make financial data easily accessible and people-friendly.


Use the Office of City Controller to hold free weekly classes teaching the people of L.A. how to navigate the Controller’s website, especially when it relates to finding financial data, downloading that data in an effective way (since data is very large), and how to read that financial data to help with better decision making. Some other educational activities would be teaching people how to use Excel, learning financial terms, and doing Q&A sessions from the public about anything related to the finances of the City.

Signed Pledges

Green New Deal Pledge

We have signed the Sunrise Movement Green New Deal Pledge to champion the values of the Green New Deal. We pledge to not accept any donations from the oil, gas, and coal industry.

Homes Guarantee

We signed the Homes Guarantee pledge because we believe that housing is a human right. We reject any developer and real estate contributions.

No Cop Money

We pledge to not to accept contributions or endorsements from police or correctional officer unions or associations and instead prioritize the protection of Black lives and our communities over police repression and the incarceration industry.

Patients Over Profits

We pledge that we will not take contributions over $200 from executives, lobbyists, and PACs affiliated with the hospital, insurance, and pharma corporations within the corporate front group, Partnership for America’s Health Care Future, and instead pledge to put the health, well-being, and safety of my constituents over corporate health industry profits.

As part of our commitment to fight for healthcare for all, we pledge to do everything in our power to advance CA Assembly Bill 1400 Guaranteed Health Care for All Act (CalCare).

People’s Budget LA Participatory Budget Pledge

  • By taking this pledge, we commit to holding a participatory budgeting process each budget cycle we hold elected office. To the best of our ability — and within our relevant sphere of influence — we pledge to:
  • Hold at least one participatory budgeting session per budget cycle
  • Empower constituent input to meaningfully impact how public money is spent
  • Prioritize the voices and needs of underserved people, specifically BIPOC communities