Our Resources & Tools

Our campaign is not waiting to be elected to serve the people of Los Angeles. We are already doing the work of the City Controller by providing financial transparency, holding city officials accountable, and providing resources for Angelenos to use to better their lives. Our tools are being used by Angelenos to look for affordable housing, understand the City of LA budget, and provide analysis on how the city is operating.

Affordable Housing Map

The City of LA lacks a centralized listing of affordable housing units in mixed-income buildings despite the City paying $2 million to a private contractor to maintain an inventory. Our campaign’s interactive map allows users to browse all apartments in Los Angeles with affordable housing covenants granted from 2010 to 2021. The map shows the exact addresses and number of affordable housing units in each building.

City of LA Parks and Dog Parks

We created an interactive map of all City of LA Parks & Dog Parks! Use the map to visit city parks or dog parks and learn more about city park space in each council district.

Payroll Database

We're proud to launch a first-of-its-kind City of LA payroll database app! This database is broken down by dept & employee and is easy to use. We hope this empowers city workers to demand to be paid fairly and in accordance with their colleagues.

LAPD Traffic & Pedestrian Stops

Our campaign created a heatmap of LAPD traffic and pedestrian stops, showing where LAPD most frequently stopped people. This map can be filtered by race.Data compiled via CPRA of all 2021 stops by LAPD.

Parking Tickets in LA

This interactive map shows you where you are most likely to get a parking ticket in Los Angeles.This map shows the top 20,000 locations where at least nine parking tickets were issued during 2021. Data provided by LADOT.

City of LA Payroll Map

Our campaign has created a map that shows you where your tax dollars are going based on where City of LA employees live. Data is through 2021. Most out of state City of LA employees live in Idaho, Utah, and Texas.

41.18 Anti-Homeless Zones Map

The City of LA passed a new version of LAMC 41.18 in summer 2021, which makes it illegal to sit, sleep, lie down, or have personal property within designated areas. The City did not bother to provide a map of these anti-homeless zones, so our campaign created an interactive map that is mobile-friendly to help unhoused people and advocates navigate criminalization zones.

City of LA Budget Breakdown

We break down the 2022-2023 City of LA budget into digestible categories and easily understandable graphics. Each year, the Mayor releases his proposed budget with one month for deliberation and approval from the City Council. The public has little opportunity for input or access to a straightforward analysis of the budget.

LAPD Vendors

Our campaign created a searchable database of LAPD vendors. In fiscal year 2021, Los Angeles taxpayers spent a total of $101 million on LAPD vendors. Never before has the public been able to easily browse and search for the LAPD’s third party contractors.