Public Transit &
Safe Streets

Our plan to achieve fare-free public transit, sheltered bus stops, frequent bus and train service and safe crossings, sidewalks, bike lanes and walkable beautiful neighborhoods.

As City Controller, we will:

Assist LADOT to develop software & maps to analyze how to upgrade transit and safe streets.

  • We will create geo-photogrammetry datasets from aerial and street level sources and statistical analysis of traffic and pedestrian access, public transit usage, accidents, surveys and public input to understand where to put traffic calming, traffic stops, and where to upgrade Metro bus stops. We will then provide information via accessible interactive maps to the Dept of Transit and the public.
  • Develop a user-friendly mobile-app to crowd-source data regarding bus stop status, street status, release interactive temporal geo-tagged online maps. This app allows community members to tag incidents like poor sidewalk quality, lack of wheelchair accessibility, or if a bus stop is sheltered or not.

Expanding Safe Bike Lanes, Corridors, and Sidewalks

  • Audit any proposed or pending street improvement project, provide recommendations During Street Planning Process to create isolated, protected bike lanes🚲, sheltered safe bus stops🚏, wider tree-shaded🌳sidewalks, and shorter, safer crossings🚸 with traffic calming.
  • Audit quality of streets and sidewalks with crowdsourced data and identify pathways to fund improvements to aging pedestrian / bike infrastructure as well as build new ones.

Auditing LADOT, Public Works, Housing Planning Department Procedures to shift from car-centric to people & transit centered design.

  • Ensure City departments related to transportation have, and will continue to, move away from a car-centric culture and adhere to metrics and efforts that move away from car-centric culture (e.g., adhering to the shift from “Level of Service” to “Vehicle Miles Traveled” when assessing street improvement.)
  • Actively track the LADOT's progress on  Mobility Plan 2035 implementation whenever the City repaves or otherwise works on a street.
  • Provide policy-level recommendations to change streets to be Bike, Pedestrian and Public-Transit First.
  • Analyze land use, provide geo-spacial data, and show how the city can reallocate road and parking space back to people and transit.
  • Report the data bi-weekly to the public via our open-data portal.

Place Public Pressure on Metro and LADOT to expand fare-free services and advocate on behalf of everyday Angelenos.

Audit Vision Zero, provide transparency, and hold departments accountable.

Vision Zero: a strategy to eliminate all traffic fatalities and severe injuries, while increasing safe, healthy, equitable mobility for all

We will provide frequently updated data on a map of all traffic accidents, pedestrian and bike accidents, so funds can be allocated correctly.

  • Analyze city's progress on traffic calming and provide recommendations on planners how to expand traffic calming.
  • Audit and recommend changes to dangerous roads and unsafe conditions for pedestrians and bikers.
  • Provide financial transparency and open data on the city's expenditures on safe streets and vision zero.
  • Holding city officials and departments accountable for failing to act on vision zero, through public reports, analysis, and transparent data.
  • Ensure the city is conducting regular community outreach and is working with residents by assessing the city's current outreach program on Vision Zero and provide recommendations on improvement.

Make LA Dept of Transportation Budgeting and Spending Transparent.

  • Provide Detailed Itemized spending on LA DoT spending to the public in real time.

Crowdsource Data on bus stop quality, audit costs and provide recommendations for High quality comfortable sheltered bus stops.

  • Did you know? : The City of Los Angeles actually builds and funds it's own bus stops.
  • We will crowdsource Bus-Stop quality data, (has shelter, has bench and cleanliness information) arrival times, through our own app.
  • Report the data to the public through a frequently updated (at least daily) map.
  • Provide cost analysis to ensure every bus stop is sheltered, clean, comfortable, and maintained, provide recommendation to City Council to allocate funds and construct the stops quickly.

Audit LADOT's Green New Deal.

  • Provide Detailed Itemized spending on LA DoT Decarbonization Transition.
  • Audit and Analyze spending for decarbonization of bus-fleet and operations.
  • Provide recommendations to City Council and public on how to more quickly decarbonize.

We support:

Healthy Streets LA Ballot Initiative

The Los Angeles Safe Streets for All Initiative will create over 1,500 miles of safer, greener, and more efficient streets in LA. It will require the City of Los Angeles to implement its Mobility Plan 2035 whenever the City repaves or otherwise works on a street.
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