What is a City Controller?

Did you know that every four years, Los Angeles voters elect a Mayor, City Attorney, AND City Controller? Many don’t know about the City Controller position but the City Controller is the elected Chief Accounting Officer, Auditor, and Paymaster of the city. Want to know how the city spends OUR money? Ask the City Controller. Want to know where the City’s money comes from? Ask the City Controller.

The Controller also has the power to conduct performance audits of City departments, allowing an examination of departmental effectiveness.

Currently, there are over 160 employees who conduct independent audits, manage the City’s payroll and spending, report on the City’s finances, and provide City metrics and data online.

In order to fulfill the Controller’s Charter-mandated functions, the City Controller’s office has three major divisions – Audit Services, Accounting Operations, and Financial Reporting and Analysis – in addition to Executive Office and Management Services leadership and staff.

The Executive Office supports the Controller with staff dedicated to communications, scheduling, technology and innovation, outreach and government affairs. Management Services is responsible for all aspects of personnel, departmental payroll, budgeting, accounting and facility management for the Controller’s office. (Source: lacontroller.org)