Vote for Kenneth Mejia
for LA City Controller
November 8th, 2022!

Kenneth is the only Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and community organizer in the race. Backed by grassroots, small-dollar donors, Kenneth will represent the needs of Angelenos and hold power accountable.
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We're the only campaign
providing resources
to the public.

Kenneth has analyzed and published city data as easy-to-use maps of affordable housing, police stops, and more. He’s even mapped where you're most likely to get a parking ticket. 

Kenneth wants you to know how your tax dollars are being spent! He is making the city's budget & finance info more transparent and accessible by laying it out as easy-to-understand graphs. 
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Why Kenneth?

Kenneth is the only Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in the race

Kenneth has 11 years of accounting and auditing experience and has the technical expertise to serve as LA City Controller — the City’s elected auditor, chief accounting officer, and paymaster. He will be ready on day one to sound the alarm on corruption and wasteful spending to make our tax dollars work for us.

Kenneth is the only organizer in the race

Kenneth is a longtime community organizer with the LA Tenants Union, fighting against unjust rent increases, evictions, and abusive landlords. Kenneth’s organizing experience informs his principles and his commitment to ensure that the City’s budget reflects Angelenos’ priorities.

Kenneth has the most grassroots support

Our campaign raised the most money in small-dollar donations out of any 2022 City Controller campaign. We are proud to be funded by the people in contrast to our opponents’ big donors that all too often represent corporate and special interests instead of everyday Angelenos.

Our Resources

Map of Affordable Housing in Los Angeles
Map of LAPD Traffic and Pedestrian Stops in 2021
Parking Tickets Map in Los Angeles 2021
Kenneth is not waiting to do the job of the City Controller. Our campaign is continually putting out groundbreaking resources and tools that Angelenos can use to better their lives, including a map of affordable housing units, a heat map and analysis of LAPD traffic and pedestrian stops, and a map of the most frequently ticketed parking spots in Los Angeles. You can pull up these maps on your phone to check if you’re near a location where you are more likely to get pulled over or ticketed. Check out our resources page for a full list of tools and resources.
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Kenneth's Solutions

Kenneth is
committed to fighting for
a better Los Angeles.

Kenneth will use his 11 years of accounting and auditing experience to combat climate change, our housing crisis, end homelessness, create jobs, and create a more livable future for all Angelenos.
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Endorsed By:

The Los Angeles Times
Sunrise Movement Los Angeles Logo
Sunrise Movement
Los Angeles
Grassroots Law
Healthcare For All Los Angeles logo
Healthcare For All
Los Angeles
Picture of Youth Climate Strike Los Angeles at a protest holding a banner "Gov Newsom, It's your last chance to change our future"
Youth Climate Strike
Los Angeles
Working Families Party Logo
Working Families
San Fernando Valley
Young Democrats
Local 148,
Public Defenders
Jane Fonda
Climate PAC
Mike Bonin,
LA Councilmember
11th District
Picture of Rick Cole and Kenneth Mejia hugging
Rick Cole,
Former LA Deputy
Mayor &
Mayor of Pasadena
Alex Lee 李天明
CA State Rep
District 25
Isaac Bryan
CA State Rep
District 54
Kendrick Sampson,
Actor & Activist
Picture of Dr. Melina Abdulla holding a Megaphone
Dr. Melina Abdullah,
Co-founder, Black
Lives Matter LA
Brad Lander
New York City
Stephanie Clements
Director, 3rd Place
LA City Controller
Candidate 6/22
Titles used for Identification purposes only.
To date, we have been endorsed by progressives and community leaders and organizations like Former LA Deputy Mayor Rick Cole, CA Assemblymember Isaac Bryan, CA Assemblymember Alex Lee, Dr. Melina Abdullah (Co-founder of Black Lives Matter – LA), Ground Game LA, The LA Times, Sunrise Movement LA, Youth Climate Strike LA, La Defensa, and a large number of Neighborhood Council Board Members and California Democratic Party Assembly District Delegates.
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