Together, we will hold power accountable”

– Kenneth Mejia

We can ALL agree that the more transparent and accessible the City’s finances are, the easier it is to determine where our city’s priorities lie and where they should be.

Vote for Kenneth Mejia for LA City Controller June 7, 2022.

Portrait of Kenneth Mejia outside

Why Kenneth?

Kenneth is the only Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in the race

Kenneth has 11 years of accounting and auditing experience and has the technical expertise to serve as LA City Controller — the City’s elected auditor, chief accounting officer, and paymaster. He will be ready on day one to sound the alarm on corruption and wasteful spending to make our tax dollars work for us. 

Kenneth is the only  organizer in the race

Kenneth is a longtime community organizer with the LA Tenants Union, fighting against unjust rent increases, evictions, and abusive landlords. Kenneth’s organizing experience informs his principles and his commitment to ensure that the City’s budget reflects Angelenos’ priorities. 

Kenneth has the most grassroots support


Our campaign has raised the most money in small-dollar donations out of any 2022 City campaign. Since November 2021, we’ve received donations from over 2,900 individuals. We are proud to be funded by the people in contrast to our opponents’ big donors that all too often represent corporate and special interests instead of everyday Angelenos.


To date, we have been endorsed by progressives and community leaders and organizations like Former LA Deputy Mayor Rick Cole, CA Assemblymember Alex Lee, Dr. Melina Abdullah (Co-founder of Black Lives Matter – LA), Youth Climate Strike LA, La Defensa, and a large number of Neighborhood Council Board Members and California Democratic Party Assembly District Delegates.

Kenneth is fighting to…

End Homelessness and Guarantee Housing to All Angelenos

Homelessness is a humanitarian crisis in Los Angeles. It is unacceptable that in one of the wealthiest cities in the world, over 40,000 Angelenos are currently homeless and many more are facing housing instability. Kenneth knows that housing is a human right and he is not afraid to take on special interests to make that a reality. That starts with addressing the root of the problem: our housing shortage.

Read Our Homelessness Platform

Read Our Housing Platform


Combat Climate Change and Fight for Environmental Justice

The climate crisis is here and the time for action is now. That starts with a transition to 100% renewable energy that ensures good paying, green, union jobs for workers. We also must commit to justice for communities impacted by climate change and pollution who are disproportionately working class communities of color.

Read Our Climate Justice Platform

Hold LA Government Accountable

Kenneth has 11 years of accounting and auditing experience, which includes auditing multi-billion and million dollar companies (private and public). He has the financial literacy and experience to thoroughly understand the city’s finances, discover waste, and enact real changes. In fact, Kenneth is already doing the work of the LA City Controller.

Kenneth’s Breakdown and Analysis of LA’s 2021-2022 Budget

Our Campaign’s Groundbreaking Map of Affordable Housing in LA

Kenneth Serving on Neighborhood Council